Sharing Hope and Grace in a broken world

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…”

Ephesians 3:20

Haters, Lovers and The Golden Rule

Hate is contagious, the more you surround yourself with it, the more reasons you find to wield its destructive power. Haters are simply those who have never stopped to find a better way.   Love is contagious as well, the more you surround yourself with it the more...

Sacred Life – A Kona Story

  The sand was cool and the sun warmed my pregnant self as I stepped onto the shores of La’aloa Bay.  A perfect paradise as I walked along the shore knee deep in the crystal clear blue water.  Gorgeously colored fish nibbled at my toes in the calm waters....

The Belonging

  Throughout the years our family has grown like the morning glories that stretch across my front entryway, tenderly reaching out to the dark places and endeavoring to bring God’s beauty into the lives of others.  We have a knack for giving those around...

Shattered Art

  I have unwittingly become a connoisseur of the human experience.   Being a career missionary has given me an in-depth look into the trials and triumphs of those precious lives I have been honored to love and serve.   It is a labor of the heart when you work...

Bruchko- The Bruce Olsen Story

    Bruchko details Bruce Olsen’s amazing true life adventure of his work with the Motilone. The Motilone are a primitive tribe that live in Columbia and Venezuela. As a missionary myself, I have come to appreciate that Bruce Olsen did not go to...

The Blessing~A Review

  John Trent and Gary Smalley eloquently express the Biblical meaning of the “gift of the blessing” in their outstanding revised and updated version of their 1986 parenting classic, The Blessing. Parental approval is the driving force behind how we...

The Gardener

    I want to share this beautiful poem with you.  Written by my own daughter for me on Mother’s Day.  The Gardener~   Here she comes, Upright and joyful, Head high and singing She waltzes gaily in the world. Here she stands Hands on hips Eyes...

Max on Life~A Review

    In Max on Life, Max Lucado shares thoughtful biblical answers to over 170 of the most challenging questions. For more than twenty-five years, Lucado’s writings have been a source of encouraging advice to many a burdened and perplexed believer. This...

My Life in the Secret Service

  After nearly 30 years of being in the ‘Secret Service’, I am finally coming clean, in a manner of speaking.   I can no longer withhold the facts of the service in clear conscience.  It is the most important work I have ever been honored to be a part...

A Gumnut Storytime

  Cecilia May Gibbs began her writing career at the tender age of 8.   Although she was born in England, the Outback was her world and some of Australia’s most beloved children’s classics were birthed from her imaginative interpretation of the bush.  She...

Zondervan Sale March 9th Only

Huge Zondervan Bible Study sale March 9th only!   I just had to share this amazing sale that Zondervan is having on some excellent Bible Study material.  All of the books below are at least 80% off today.  Enjoy!         These ebooks...

I Just Want You To Smile, Okay?

  I had been completely oblivious to his presence as he snuck up behind me.  His words caught me unaware, leaving me nauseated and dizzy as if from a blow. It was a sucker punch from behind and as I reeled around to face my assailant I reached out to steady...

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As a faith missionaries, the Nielsen family is grateful to God for those who believe in and invest in their ministry.

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