Over 3 decades ago, I found myself at a little missions conference.  There was one afternoon workshop that struck my interest.  The speaker was a local librarian that I knew.  We were nothing more than acquaintances, and yet I was drawn to her passionate devotion to the Lord.

After a most inspiring session, I headed up to the front to ask her a question I have since asked more people than I can remember.  “Excuse me, would you mind sharing with me 10 books that have inspired you?”  To my amazement, she pulled out a little note-card from her Bible that had dozens of books and authors scribbled on it.   It took me years to even find some of those books, but I read them all.

I love learning about what inspired inspirational people.


Below you will find a list of the Bible Studies that I have done with the Women’s Bible Cafe.  I have also listed some of my favorite Devotional Books and study tools.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have.  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite books!

Women’s Bible Cafe Studies



Women’s Bible Cafe Studies

Women’s Bible Cafe Studies





Bible Study Resources

Women’s Bible Cafe Studies

Women’s Bible Cafe Studies





Stasia is mother to six beautiful children and wife to a dedicated, loving husband.  They have served as a family together on the mission field for over 30 years.  Stasia’s passion is to share in true colors the grace of God in her life.  You can read more about her and the ministry of the Women’s Bible Cafe here.

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