The emotional and physical exhaustion was too much to bear. With a heavy head and arms hanging lifeless at my sides, I finally yielded and let my eyes close. For a brief moment in me there was dark nothingness. It felt so good. It was a glorious peace. Then as if some internal alarm within me began to ring out, I jerked myself awake. As I grasped for consciousness, my left arm reached toward the floor next to where I was slouched.

My wee toddler lay on a stinky suitcase covered with her favorite blanket. She moved her sweaty head to one side and whined every so quietly. I swatted at the malaria ridden mosquitoes that buzzed about her damp hair. I checked her pulse and whispered for the hundredth time, “please Lord.” I flicked a millipede that had crawled up along one side of the suitcase she was laying on. Emotions rose, I could feel myself getting angrier as I reminisced over the events that had transpired during the days that led up to this moment. I verbalized my protests to a cruel world. It wasn’t fair.

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