As a lover of words and stories, I have longed to share in true colors the grace of God in my life.  Although most times I feel like a pork chop at a bat mitzvah, I continue to try my hand at the craft.  I indie published my Food Memoirs in 2012 for family, friends and myself.  I knew it was not a work of art but I had to try.   

In February, Story Cartel launched a Review and Amazon Giveaway for my book Tiastasia’s Food Memories: Food and Memories of a Missionary Mom.  I am incredibly humbled by the loving response the ones who have taken the time to review it.  I was hoping for honest feedback and I was not disappointed.  

In return for their reviews, the participants received a free copy of my book and were entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 Amazon Gift Cards.  Story Cartel gave away nearly 80 copies of my book! Several of the reviewers posted on Amazon.  You can read those reviews here —> Amazon Customer Reviews for Tiastasia Food Memoirs .

“I could never attain grace by my own meager efforts and yet God gives His
grace freely and in abundance because of His deep love for us.”
Stasia Nielsen


Story Cartel did an excellent job conducting  the contest as well.  Yesterday, I received the list of winners and I am so excited to share them with you.  My biggest fans, other than my family and friends, have been from the Women’s Bible Cafe.  Although I had nothing to do with drawing the winner, I was hoping that someone from the WBC would win and again, I was not disappointed.  As a matter of fact one of the winners just happens to be a familiar face in one my small groups!  


Congratulations to these three precious Winners of the Story Cartel Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!  
You can find the links to their reviews here as well.  


The Amazon Gift Card Winners Are:

Phyllis Gardner  wrote:  Food & Stories

Rohi Shetty wrote:  A Joyful Treat

Chris Dalziel wrote:    A cook-book memoir that makes you feel like you are at the very best church potluck

Winners must contact me by using the contact form on my website
to receive their Amazon Gift Card
Stasia is mother to six beautiful children and wife to a dedicated, loving husband.
They have served as a family together on the mission field on four continents for nearly 30 years. 
Stasia’s passion is to share in true colors the grace of God in her life. 
You can read more about her and the ministry of the Women’s Bible Cafe here.
Meet Missionary Mom and Ministry Leader Stasia Nielsen
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