John Trent and Gary Smalley eloquently express the Biblical meaning of the “gift of the blessing” in their outstanding revised and updated version of their 1986 parenting classic, The Blessing. Parental approval is the driving force behind how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. The authors take you on a phenomenal journey of discovering how to communicate true self-worth and instill emotional well-being for your children by using five key elements found within the scriptures. The gift of the blessing goes beyond the parent-child relationship and spills over into ones other relationships as a result of putting these five elements into practice.

1. Meaningful (appropriate) touch

2. A spoken (or written) message

3. Attaching high value

4. Picturing a special future

5. An active commitment

After the birth of our first born, I simply devoured the original, The Blessing, as a young and inexperienced mother nearly 27 years ago. I highly recommended it and have given it to many a new parent as one of the most important books on parenting I have found ever since. Now after reading this new and updated version, I am firm in my belief that this is a must read for parents as well as those who may have opportunity to counsel them.  A high five on!


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