A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards is a beautiful allegory based on the biblical figures of Saul, David and Absalom.  This inspirational story offers comfort and hope for hurting and broken Christians. It contains profound truths for leaders as well as lay people. For those of us who have experienced hurt and pain at the hands of other believers or even from those who have served along side of us, this book is truly a necessary read.

Gene Edwards is one of contemporary Christianity’s most beloved inspirational authors.  I have read most of his works and have been deeply moved and inspired through each.

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A Tale of Three Kings is an easy read and I assure you, you will not want to put down.  The first time I picked it up I read it straight through.  Now it is a part of my yearly reading list as well as a regular gift I like to give to leaders in training.   There is so much wisdom packed into this little book. 

I gave it a high five stars on my Amazon review.



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