IMax on Life, Max Lucado shares thoughtful biblical answers to over 170 of the most challenging questions. For more than twenty-five years, Lucado’s writings have been a source of encouraging advice to many a burdened and perplexed believer. This inspirational resource is a compilation of many of the real questions he has been asked by real people all around the globe. Max grapples with hard issues in the genuine down to earth style that his readers have grown to love and admire. With topics ranging from “Home,” “Hurt” and “Have-nots”, to “Help,” “Hope” and the “Here-after”, Lucado searches through issues that most clergy would not even attempt to tackle.

Questions regarding marital misgivings, parental uncertainties and relationship woes, are gracefully navigated in an inspiring and easy to read format.Time and again Lucado uses moving anecdotes and poignant narratives in such an insightful way to gently encourage the reader through these difficult life questions. Along with topical and scriptural indexes, Max even gives a special addendum for interested writers as a bonus.

This is definitely not one of those books that you will find collecting dust on a bookshelf but rather being read and shared with friends and loved ones. As a missionary wife and home schooling mother of six, I highly recommend this inspirational and encouraging resource book to any audience.  I give Max on Life a high five stars on

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