If you are anything like me you may have stared with glossy eyes into the heavens throughout the Christmas Season wondering WHY God chose an empire wide census, Bethlehem and a dirty manger for the backdrop of His Most Precious Gift to be presented to all of mankind.  It truly was one of the most chaotic times you could possibly imagine.  Filthy dirty, hoards of people pushing and shoving, animal stench, intolerable weather and all of those weary travelers attempting to just DO what was expected of them.  And what of the robbers and cheaters prepared to pounce upon the unsuspecting travelers?  What an absolute mess!  God what were You thinking?

Little by little throughout the years it became so clear to me exactly why Father God chose the precise moment that He did.  Doesn’t He always have a perfect plan?

Calm in the Chaos

Chaos is {at times and in certain places} a part of the human experience and if you don’t think so, ask any mom with little ones under foot.

Our lives have been anything but ordinary.  Chaos seems to be our middle name.  However, as faith based missionaries for over 3 decades we have seen the goodness of the Lord {right here} in the land of the living, in the midst of our own personal chaos as well as in the lives of those we have been blessed to minister to.  It is God’s grace.  Nothing more and nothing less.

We are never truly prepared for those life changing events that come our way, and yet we joyfully embrace them because we know that He is with us.  Our Prince of Peace, and Oh He has been so good.


This year has been a glorious medley of love, joy, peace and all things new in the midst of the chaos we have embraced as family.  Yes and Amen.  Family.  Our lives are filled with all good things because of the Faith, Family, Friends and our Ever Present Lord and Savior Who sustains in all things {even the chaotic ones}.

At the beginning of 2016 we were looking forward to receiving a new son into our family and The Lord gave us two!  This past year, family and friends from all over joined in the blessing of witnessing Chelsey and Tim’s, as well as, Lauren and Rudy’s uniquely beautiful and very different weddings.  They are truly THE best son-in-laws a mom could ever hope for.

One of the unique aspects of what we do as missionaries has been sharing hospitality with dozens of missionary families as they cross back and forth through the border.  We collect and store mail, offer transportation, even help newer missionaries who have never crossed plan and prepare for their trips.  I cross into Mexico to help missionaries via translating and attaining visas.  This is how we {as a family} serve those who serve and it happens night or day.

This year, God gave me a Word {Stasia} that I was to persue training as a Chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Teams.  After finishing the rigorous application and training process, I was able to serve for 9 days in Louisiana after the horrible flooding in September.  In early November, I finished two important CISM Intensive courses hosted by the wonderful KLove Radio:  Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention and Emotional & Spiritual Care in Disasters from the University of Maryland {Certificate with Honors}.  Whenever there is a disaster,  I am prepared to be deployed if I receive a call from the BGEA RRT.  It is an incredible honor to work alongside the inspirational team at Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief wherever they may go.  I would encourage you to pray about serving alongside Samaritan’s Purse as a short-term volunteer.  It is life changing.  

Aside from preparing, laundry, grounds keeping and cleaning for the dozens of larger groups that visit us here at the Stepping Stone Mission Ranch, we also do things like the Rice and Beans Dispensa which provides food for thousands on both side of the border.  Sorting pre-loved clothing for the poor and distributing Bibles and toys.  It is all part of what we do as missionaries.  We truly do spend countless hours praying, counseling and encouraging others as we go about the many things we just have to DO here.  

The Womens Bible Cafe has been a huge part of not only my personal Bible Study and devotional life, but as Co-Director I am honored to serve women from all over the world in Online Bible Study groups.  I did my first Online Bible Study with the WBC in early 2010 and have participated in every study since.  The faith and fellowship with other women around the globe has not only been an honor, it has been a huge source of encouragement as well.  If you are interested in joining me on this incredible devotional journey, we will begin our new study All Things New by Kelley Minter on January 9th.  

In the midst of it all that we DO, we ARE a family and families DO have needs.  We need to have time to love and cherish, we need to learn and grow as well as have our physical and spiritual needs met.  As last year came to a close we lost 80% of our monthly support due to our largest donors closing down their ministry.  We ran a campaign and were blessed to receive one-time gifts, however we have not been able to raise the support that we lack each month to make ends meet.  Our declaration of faith has been, The Lord has and will carry us.  He has in every way, including John’s recent surgeries and cancer treatment.  We look back in amazement and wonder as we contemplate how in the world God carried us through all these things.  He has been so faithful, Our Prince of Peace.  

We do, however, need to see some immediate funding before the end of this year.  

  • Ella and Destiny dental costs owed before treatment can resume ($1000 plus $250 a month for 18 months) 
  • Registration of Stasia’s vehicle ($200 plus $200 insurance)
  • Noah’s school fees $75 monthly (or year sum)
  • Shoes and clothing for the younger children
  • John’s yearly outreach with the Power Teams in January ($200)
  • Stasia’s travel allowence for BGEA ($1000)
  • An increase of our monthly support on a consistent basis 

Although it is uncomfortable to share our needs like this, we felt we needed to share them in context alongside of what we actually DO.  We have at times considered perusing alternate employment to make ends meet, but it would leave no time to serve the Lord in the capacity in which He has called us.  When we get into an immediate pinch, we often make our way to the local Plasma Donation Center to sell our plasma to help make ends meet.  It is not optimal, but when we have no other choice it is necessary.  We are believing God that this will not be necessary as we enter the New Year.  

As we enter into this Most Blessed Season of Hope and Renewed Joy,  I want to thank you ALL for your loving and prayerful encouragement throughout this year.  May you find His calm in the midst of the chaos and may the Lord encircle you with His most extravagant love and grace this Christmas Season.  

And so, in the midst of the chaos the heavens opened wide and a chorus of angels welcomed Peace on Earth in the quite unexpected form of a wee babe in a manger.   The invitation rings through the ages beckoning broken and ragged souls to come and sit for a while to witness the Splendor of the King.   Will you come? 

Stasia is mother to six beautiful children and wife to a dedicated, loving husband.  They have served as a family together on the mission field on four continents for over 30 years.  Stasia’s passion is to share in true colors the grace of God in her life.  You can read more about her and the ministry of the Women’s Bible Cafe here.  If this article has blessed you in any small way, please consider showing your support by clicking subscribe in the upper right corner.  Copyright© 2015 Stasia Nielsen All Rights Reserved