It was absolutely picturesque. The sun was setting in the west, and the waves tickled my feet as I lay on the beach soaking it all in. Now and again, the ocean spray would kiss my face with just a slight, salty mist. I closed my eyes and breathed it all in. It was my dream to be here, on the beach listening to the rhythmic sound of waves caressing the sand. The waves came in closer now, and the sand began to sink in around me. All at once, a giant wave crashed down hard upon me and I was immediately enveloped in the salty sea. Tossing and turning about I could not seem to make my way back again to the surface. I tried to scream but nothing came out. My eyes were opened and yet there was nothing but wet, pitch-black darkness. Then I heard him, it was my dear husband’s voice calling within the dark storm. ”Do you have her? Where is Brittany?”

I must have nodded off into that sacred place of rest when the storm hit suddenly. Reality rushed back to me at that moment and panic struck the mother-strings of my heart as I reached about in the darkness for my two year old daughter.

We had been traveling throughout the Philippines sharing God’s love with thousand’s of people. Nothing stopped us as we went by faith from island to island and village to village telling people about our Amazing God. We had just left a little island where the inhabitants there had never seen white people. Brittany was their little doll and the elders of the village had us share our dramas and message with the whole of the small island. People were saved, healed, and their lives forever changed when they met the Lover of their weary and wounded souls.

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