I am ever so grateful that our church service starts later on a Sunday morning than most.  Sunday mornings are difficult for us because we have a special needs child.  Our 8 year old daughter, Ella, has Autism and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

Ella hates having her hair done because it truly hurts to touch her head.  Comfort, not style, is important so our dear Ella has a very flamboyant sense of style and her clothing never seems to match.  Then there is her Bible Book bag that she has to take to church. (Sigh) It is a small black tote bag with a scantily clad Wonder Woman screened boldly on the front.  Getting her to sit to eat a good breakfast and brushing her teeth are challenges as well.

She does not handle mornings very well, so there are the typical meltdowns associated with our efforts to help her look presentable and keep our own spirits from falling apart.  Because of these things as well as trying to get the whole of our large family off to church without completely losing our Salvation, I try to keep the worship music playing a wee bit louder on our Sunday Mornings than most other days.

Worship seems to calm people, especially Ella.  As a matter of fact, if she is really have a difficult time we put a little set of head phones on her with her iPod shuffle and just let it play.

We also serve as Directors of s mission base, The Laredo Stepping Stone.  Our mission entails serving the many missionaries and groups that come through as well as feeding the hungry and homeless.  A never ending, all hour of the day, kind of work.   Sundays can be the craziest day of the week for us.

I think we may be late for church, but we are going.   I can hear Ella protesting about needing to finish an art project before getting dressed.  We all need His peace to rule and reign in our hearts today.  So this morning, we are blasting the Worship.  I thought I would share some with you.  Here is Hillsong, they need no introduction.